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Create a Discounted Parking Permit Account

Discounted annual parking permits are available for passenger vehicles of:

  • Residents of Tofino, Residents of Uclulet, aaḥuusʔatḥ (Ahousaht), hišqʷiʔatḥ (Hesquiaht) and ƛaʔuukʷiʔatḥ (Tla-o-qui-aht)
  • Remainder of ACRD communities

If your vehicle is registered to a business please purchase your parking permit from the new parking meter,
Honk or PayByPhone platforms.

To create a user account please provide the following information. You will receive a "validation" email with a link to finish the process.

This link is valid for approximately {time} minutes.

Documents Required

To confirm eligibility for discounted parking permits, you will be asked to supply a picture or scan of the following:

  1. Proof of Resident Address Document in Your Name (1 item only)
    • Driver's License with Tofino/ACRD address
    • Utility Bill
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Rental Agreement
    • Landlord Letter with Property Tax
    • Employer Letter with Business License Number or official Pay Stub with Employer Info
  2. Vehicle Registration in Your Name
    • Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle License form, page 1 of 2